Tea of lightly smoked fruits and vegetables

Broccoli and amaranth fritter with spicy date jam

Duck liver tart with buckwheat and salted ramps

Chilled zucchini and buttermilk cream with braised pistachio, blueberries, and elderflower

Roasted sturgeon with fried artichoke, caviar, and lovage

Grilled chuck flap with braised dandelion greens, smoked beets, and roasted marrow

Frozen fennel candy with mint

Yogurt, roasted peach sorbet, rose, and bitter almond



Tasting menu     85

Wine pairing     +45

Non-alcoholic   +25





Publican Quality dark rye bread and cultured koji butter       7


Smoked tomato salad with sunflower seed butter, chipotle, and nasturtium     18

Fried eggplant with cauliflower, peaches, and lemon balm     19

Soft scrambled eggs with confit chicken thigh and crispy grains     19

Confit lobster mushrooms with chewy celeriac, strawberries, purslane, and poppy seed 19

Soft shell crab salad with endive, cucumber, and garden herb cream     21

Veal sweetbreads with radishes, charred apricot, mint, and honey     20

Creamed fava beans with barley, garlic scapes, and grilled lamb's quarters     18

Roasted quail with wax beans, walnut skordalia, and dill     21

Slow roasted porcelet with potato, garlic miso, and caramel     22


Frozen raspberry merinuge, vanilla, and gjetost 13

Sunflower seed parfait with sour honey, licorice, and bee pollen      13

Tart with black and white sesame creams, speculoos and chocolate       13




*menu subject to changes

Updated August 2017